A Thing Called Death: A Collection of Fiction From a Struggling Human

A Thing Called Death is a collection of short stories written by S. L. Cortes Vega. In this anthology, she explores the often taboo theme of death as it affects us both as children and adults. Some of her stories such as “Seeking Camelot” and “Death Row” explore the abrupt and often final nature that death has for us as children. Others like “Lonely Heart” and “To My Dearest,” focus on the concept of suicide and the reasons some feel that the best ending to their story is by their own hand. All of these stories take their inspiration from the madness and misery that is our reality. The intention of these stories is to capture that moment when someone dies and extend all the feelings of sadness, anger, and loss so that we can understand and feel what these beautifully, inspired characters feel. Although these stories give you a glimpse into the morbid and mundane, hope is not lost. There is still hope that these flawed, but beloved characters may find a new life again even after death.

Link to book available here: https://www.createspace.com/5375377

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